Nizar Abu-Jaber

is a geology professor at the German Jordanian University. He is also currently the dean of research at the GJU and the head of the Center for the Study of Natural and Cultural Heritage at the same university. More information is available here.


  1. Dear Nizar,
    I noticed recently that there finally has been some activity towards a Red Sea, Dead Sea project. Frankly I think it is about time. I first became heard about the project when I read a book AN ENGINEERS DREAMS by Willey Ley a German Rocket science in the 1950’s. His work and Dr. Werner Von Braun helped put our people on the moon.
    Since the Jordanians an Israelis both historicaly seemed to insist on the passage of the project though their territory I didn’t think it would ever happen. You are only the second Jordanian I have ever comunicated with. The other was a young man named NOOR who worked at the local grocery store. I went back to talk to him, but he had been transfered.
    I am not selling anything, I am getting old I guess and am just trying to be helpful, I can’t believe how much suffering you people endure due to lack of fresh water.
    The Dead Sea is unique as you know. And while RO is a very efficient way to make water. I believe your estimate of 1000 kw per M3 is off by a factor of 3 as opposed to what I would like you to give some thought to. The Qattara depression is an even more suitable project. One that would provide fresh water at the low flow condition of the Nile (600M3/sec) now you could water your flowers with that!
    I am going to reference some web sites. Look them over and give me a E-mail if you want to do some brain exercises.


    • Dear Nano,

      I have said that desalination of seawater by RO would cost between 5-7 kilowatt hours per cubic meter. This is not my number but a number derived from a variety of references.

      Thanks for the websites.


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