Distinguished research and researchers

October 20, 2008

The ministry of higher education and scientific research has announced the winners of this year’s distinguished research and distinguished researchers awards. While having such awards is an important step in celebrating and rewarding our scientists and researchers, it is unfortunate that none of the media outlets is bothering to explain what the awards are for, specifically. The value of the awards is in publicizing achievements, and not specific names.  Thus, lack of publicity on the achievements diminishes the value.

In this and the next few posts, I will explore some of the achievements of this year’s winners.



  1. […] science and engineering Lighting a candle « Distinguished research and researchers The basic sciences award October 20, 2008 This year, Professor Zuhair Amr won the […]

  2. it is great to hear that the award was recieved by Dr. Zuhair for his distinguished work in guiding the attention to biodiversity in our region. Congradulations Dr. Amr you’ve been one of the people who made a difference in my life.

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