Upcoming conferences

October 9, 2008

There are a couple of potentially interesting conferences scheduled over the next couple of weeks. Yarmouk University is organizing a symposium on the peaceful use of nuclear energy (October 14-16). I would like to attend, but I am scheduled to go to a meeting in Aswan next week (more on that later). There are a number of questions that I would like to ask, given the chance. The keynote address to by given by Khaled Toukan should be very informative.

The following week has an international congress on biodiversity scheduled in Aqaba (October 20-23). This will probably be very interesting as well. Loss in biodiversity is rarely given enough play in Jordan, despite it being a significant problem.

Anyway, if anybody attends and would like to give me some highlights, they are most welcome.


One comment

  1. An interesting event will also be a lecture by Dr Ismail Serageldin, the Prisedent of the Alexandria Library in Shuman Foundation at 6:30 Tuesday 14th October. He is one of the most intelligent people I have ever listened to and he is encaptivating in his speeches and lectures. The title will be “Horizons for Scientific Research Today”.

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