An introduction

August 12, 2008

Whether most people realize it or not, Jordan is rich in interesting science and scientists. As a people, we commonly grapple with issues such as water resources, energy, agriculture, health and environment, among others. It is common to attend any social function and to hear incredible statements concerning these issues, and typically the least knowledgeable have the most to say. In short, science is treated like politics.

On the other hand, data and research is readily available for those who seek it. It is difficult, however, in many cases to contextualize this information in a way to make it understandable to the lay person. Thus, the information is available but poorly disseminated and in many cases either misunderstood or subject to dismissal by the ubiquitous know-it-all’s in our midst (at the risk of seeming to be one of them).

I am hoping that this blog will serve as a bridge between scientists and interested lay people in Jordan and in the region. Here, I will write about the latest scientific and engineering issues that are being dealt with in the country. I may be the initiator of discussions, responding to your e-mails or even hosting of guest writers who would like to add to the debates. Hopefully, this will contribute to rational analysis and debate of issues that affect our society and our environment.

I look forward to all feedback and contributions, and I hope that this will be an interesting effort for all of us.


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